Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ode to click pencils


I'd like to take a moment to praise whoever was so genius enough to invent the click pencil.

Although quite simple in looks, the click pencil has many intricate details. For instance, who would have thought of a slot to replace lead, so that you never run out? Brilliant.

Who would have been so keen to realize that we all have trouble holding our pencils, so therefore we need a rubber grip handle to help?

The pencil also has a feature that not many writing materials have. If for some reason you ever need to use the eraser and not the pencil, the eraser COMES OUT. I'm serious.

If you feel bad about using a black pencil, don't fear. The click pencils come in many different colors. It's a rainbow of pure genius.

When the algebra lesson just seems like too much, the click pencil helps remove the tension in your hand, helping you to relax and enjoy the process.

The click pencil has one more advantage. If you can't hold your pencil and need somewhere to put it, it comes with a sturdy plastic thingy to clip to papers, notebooks, or pockets.


But seriously, I really love these things!!


Olivia Howard said...


You are very funny, girl!

Haha, the word verification for this comment is "Crute" is that like a cute brute or a crumbly tarte? ;)

Emma Howard said...

LOL, funny! The last line is perfection itself! *giggles* :-D


{Camille} said...

Thanks, Olivia...I'm glad someone enjoyed reading it! It was loads of fun to right. :D

{Camille} said...

Oops, I mean write, not right...right.

{Camille} said...

Oops, I mean write, not right...right.

{Camille} said...

And I have no idea why that posted twice. :/