Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to the new and improved blog!

To my faithful readers, here is my new blog that has been under construction for a little while. Blogger has more options, so I made the transition.

Become a follower, if you like!



Livvy said...

Hi Camille!
I'm glad you switched to blogger, as now you can use a bunch of neat things on it!
Some of the best things are backgrounds and a playlist.
Some really cute backgrounds can be found here:
It's where I got my current one.


Elissa said...

Hey Camille! I'm glad to see you switched to blogger!! Your new blog is beautiful!!


CrazyCaliGirl said...

Yay!! So great to see you on here.

Anonymous said...

I love your header! It will be so much easier to keep track of your posts now that we are able to follow your blog. :) I am following it now too!

Jo March said...

Cool! Really like it.

Oh, this is Liza :P