Monday, November 9, 2009

Gutters, randmomness, life.

I have been requested to post on my blog. I was told that gutters are interesting, so lets see what I can think of to say about them.

Did you know that the gutter by our front porch is crushed?? A few years ago, I think a car ran into it, resulting in a gutter that looks like a piece of metal that is...crushed. It's a sad gutter. I'm not sure if it actually helps any. We have another one on the side of our house that is NOT crushed, and it works. It's a good gutter.

MOVING ON, here are some quotes from the last few weeks around our house.


" You didn't know that Google Reader is the eighth wonder of the world?"

"Epic fail."


"My name is Wenneveria."


Recently, I found out that sitting in broken chairs does not end very well. It almost seems like one second I was at the dinner table, and the next second I was on the floor. Not sure what went wrong.

To the person who said I should post, I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you.


Olivia Howard said...

I'm glad you took their advice. All us others enjoyed this post. Google Reader is the 8th Wonder!

Emma Howard said...

LOL, I can sympathize with that change in latitude, it seems that almost everyone of our chairs is broken, and soon our tailbones will be too! (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but not about all the chairs being broken! :-P) Very nice post. :-)


P.S. I like the word verification thing, 'truinall'. :-)