Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sickies and Foodies

Yep, it's that time of year again; colds in full force, just enough snow on the ground to make you slip, and plenty of movie watching opportunities.

Almost everyone in our family has had the dreadful cold, but hopefully we'll be 100% a-okay soon. As I speak two of my siblings lie on the couch looking quite pitiful.

Speaking of movies, I saw one that made me want to be a Foodie! Has anyone else seen "Julie & Julia"? With ClearPlay, I thought it was pretty cute! Both Julie and Julia make cooking look like soooo much fun, who wouldn't be inspired to become a chef? Just watching it made me feel stuffed.

Ta-ta for now!

1 comment:

Emma Howard said...

ooo! I've heard of that! Did y'all rent it? I just might have to watch it sometime... I love cooking!
Hope everyone gets better soon! <3 Emma

P.S. 'Velea' the Word Verification this time. It just screams to be Spanish or Italian... :-)