Saturday, April 10, 2010

April fun

I've taken tons of pictures lately. Dancing, flowers, going to the park, visiting with family, etc. So, I thought it was about time for a picture post!
( And as a side note, I have no idea why this is underlined.)

^ Sunday, we danced! Do you know how long it's been since we've danced?? Almost a year! ^

^ We started out with the good ole' Virginia Reel. Daniel and I did it successfully (together, that is) for, I believe, the first time. ^
^ I love this picture so much. Doesn't it make you wanna smile? ^

^ Learning to waltz. I sat safely on the sidelines. ^
^ This one makes me laugh every time I look at it. ^

^ Some people knew a line dance! How cool is that? ^

^ a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e ^

A few days later, we went to Nashville to visit family that were visiting for the week. Above is Domino (and Chris) at the park when all of the tulips are in bloom. And yes, our dog has a tie on.

^ Our yearly portrait. ^ Click here to see last year's.

^ "You're not supposed to pick them!!" ^

^ While shopping in the mall, Mom met the most charming fellow. ^
^ Meet J. and Uncle B. Yeah. ^

^Earlier today we went down to a gorgeous creek. I didn't realize my shadow was in this one until I put it on the computer, but I rather like it that way. ^

Have a fantastic Lord's Day tomorrow, y'all!


crazycaligirl94 said...

Oh, I miss you all! It looks like a great start to spring! Love the pictures Camille!

Olivia Howard said...

*gasp* I'm in *two* pictures! simply splendid. I can cross that off my list of accomplishments in life... be on Camille's blog- check! :D

Emma Howard said...

Haha Livvy, I beat you by one! :-P

Thanks so much for posting pictures Camille! I was disappointed that we didn't take any of dancing. :-(

I love all the pics in the park, especially the one of you and the tulip. Your face is hilarious. :-D
Thanks again for posting!

~ Emma

Ryan said...

dancing?!!! that is so fun! during the summer, us and our "northern friends" got together and did some jewish dancing.. LOVED iT! great pictures : ) by the way, we reallly loved meeting "y'all" and can't wait to see you again..
love madi Waechter ( for all those who are bending over backwards trying to figure out how to spell our last name):D