Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flood of 2010

All of the flood/tornado/not having electricity going-ons have caused us to spend more time with friends (none of us mind that!) and meet some of our neighbors! It's really great to see a community pull together at a time like this. Without further ado, here are some pictures!Sunday morning we spent hanging out in a dark house with friends/neighbors, while it poured rain outside. Games helped to pass the time quickly.
Napping did too.

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of the week.
The picture below was taken Monday, while (I believe) several neighbors congregated to have dinner. You would think not having electricity would effect the quality of didn't! Everything was awesome.

My gorgeous friend

I think this was taken Monday. Already, a good deal of the rain had dried up.
Once all of the rain had stopped, it was interesting to see how the creek had changed courses and formed new waterfalls.
Below is what used to be field.
A four foot gate, almost completely under water.

Damage from the tornado
It's amazing how strong wind is.

Another field...that turned into a lake.
The road washed out! That's weird.

Daniel didn't like what he saw; which was...
the soccer field and farmers market almost completely under water. See the green thing on the right? That's a pavilion.
Like I said - fellowship was not lacking.
This is a baseball field, or what use to be one.
T'was quite strange to see an entire school under water.

Progress is being made, and as the mayor of Nashville stated, "Nashville will recover"!


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Haley D. said...

I am glad that you all are ok. Was there any damage to the church building or to any of the church family's homes? We will be praying for yall as you start to get everything fixed. -Haley D

{Camille} said...

Hi, Haley! Good to hear from you.

Thankfully, no one's homes in our church were damaged, and the place where we meet wasn't either.

Thanks for praying!