Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I clicked the "New Post" button without a single idea of what I was going to post about. But, I feel it is my duty, and I have an obligation to the people who read my blog, to say something. So here goes.

Guess what? I'm sick! Since Monday evening I've had a swollen throat, congestion, and a headache. This cold seems very random, and I'm so hoping that it goes away soon. (Because I really don't want to miss speech class on Monday. :P)

Yes, you heard right! SPEECH CLASS!! Can you imagine me giving a speech? I can't either. Along with speech, I'm also starting Bible and writing classes. I'm eager to see how they go, to say the least.

It has come to my attention that I have 29 subscribers to this here blog. Let me repeat that...twenty-nine. I cannot imagine twenty-nine people who would find this blog that interesting. SO, (this is when you stop reading, because this post is getting way too long.)

Still there? Awesome! As I was saying...SO, my question to you, my subscriber, is who are you?

You have no idea how cheesy I felt typing that out.

Seriously though, I'd be tickled pink to know who you are! It's just kind of cool that 29 people read my blog.

I think I'm done. I shall now sign off and return to sniffing, hacking, and doing what sick people do.


Anonymous said...

Sick here too, I think. Been going around with a sore throat for a day or two anyway. Something must've been going around at church.

Get well soon!

Oh, and I'm a faithful reader. =)


Olivia Howard said...

Ah! I thought *we* were the only ones with a random cold this week! Members of us here have been feeling icky. Get well soon, Camille! And Laura!

I read your blog, too, dear. And I've loved these more frequent posts. A big smile goes across my face whenever I see you have a new post. *cheesy grin*

Amanda said...

Get well soon! I definitely know how it feels o have a yucky cold. However, it'll go away in time. Treat yourself to some orange juice and a good book while you're not feeling well. :)

Who am I? Hmmm, that's a broad question. ;) I just started reading you, and I really love your blog! To answer your question about me, you can check out my blog (if you want). It's

Get well!