Friday, April 22, 2011

one week and counting...or piano recital.

This post has been a draft for a week now. But wait no longer, for here it is!

Last Friday Mom had a recital for her piano and voice students. It went very well, it's over, everyone did a great job on sewing dresses and playing and singing, and it's over!! Did I already mention that? Sorry. I'm kind of glad. Being in front of people is not my thing.

You can come up with a caption for this one.
Might interest you to know that at least 6 of these dresses were homemade!
I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!! And J's face kills me.
Lovely Caroline

"Posing like this is so awkward."

Our cheeks were hurting.

Daniel - without him, the whole night would have been a flop. He is SUCH a great sport!
My lifelong dream of getting a bouquet of red roses partially came true last week. I got TWO! Only 10 more to go. :)


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