Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Happenings

Surprisingly, I had never been to Memphis before this month. Strange. Anyway, we were able to go there for a relative's wedding, where we partied and had bonding time in the car. *cough*

No pictures of the ceremony, but the reception was awesome! Real dancing, real food, and classic music. :)
And, some of it was outside, which was really pretty.

The next morning we stopped by my mom's cousin's horse farm. It. was. nice. So nice, they had a wedding in it once. Now that's what I call a horse barn.
Mom made a friend while we were there.

Back on the farm and a few weeks later, life, school, and everything they include continues.

And for some reason, Daniel really wanted me to post a picture of him. This is the only recent one I could find.
I looked out my window a few mornings ago, happy to see fall colors everywhere.

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