Monday, June 17, 2013

Michigan trip 2013

At long last, I'm posting about this! I shall put it off no longer.

The beginning of May found Mom, Caroline and me traveling with our grandparents to Michigan for my cousin's college graduation. It was such a fun trip and a wonderful time with family.

Uncle Bill and Paige like to dance together. And they're good at it, as you can see.

On Sunday we prepared a Mother's Day brunch for the 4 moms in the house. Here Gracie is writing cards.

Hard at "work." :)

French Toast in the making. Paige made raspberry and vanilla sauces/glazes to go with it. So good!
Gluten free scones and bacon

Opening their cards which contained news of a free pedicure!
Our trip happened to be the same week as Tulip Time! It's a fun time where you can eat lots of junk food, watch Dutch dancers, buy stuff, and see all of the beautiful tulips.

Love her!

Downtown Holland is really pretty.

The Dutch dancers
They attracted quite a crowd.
An older couple had two adorable puppies, and they were kind enough to let us cuddle with them for a few minutes. :)
We went to Lake Michigan one evening to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful! I posted more pictures on my photography blog.

Paige and Caro attempting to make a heart. Haha
Many thanks to the stranger who took our group photo. It's one of my favorites now.
Thanks for having us, family! We had an awesome time with y'all.

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