Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today the weather is gorgeous. The kind of weather that makes you happy down to your bones. The kind of weather that makes you want to wear flip-flops again, go swimming in a creak, have a photo shoot, and eat ice-cream. The kind of weather that makes everything seem just right. It's a peaceful kind of weather.

Despite sickness, these last few days and weeks have been simply wonderful. I use the word simply because nothing extraordinary has happened. Nothing amazing or unusual has taken place. It's just that on days like this, I feel deeply grateful for the simple life I have. I don't do much physical labor outside, but I'm so happy to live on land. And even though all 15 (that's an estimate) pairs of my shoes are covered in mud, I wouldn't trade dirt roads for anything. Strange as it may sound, I love not having concrete around for miles.

I spent all of yesterday in a city of over 41,000 people grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and errand running. And while I'm ALL for getting new clothes, I realized how much I don't miss being out in the world. There was a lot of stuff that I'm not use to seeing or doing. (Like eating out twice in one day...that was weird!)

All that to say, I really, really love our little home. I love breezy, spring time weather, clothes on the line, ruining chocolate cakes that were supposed to be for Sunday lunch, and mud.

It's simply wonderful.


Olivia Howard said...

Totally, totally loved this post, Camille! A hearty "AMEN!" coming from me down the road... :D

{Camille} said...

Thank you SO much! I'm really glad someone enjoyed it. I liked writing it.

Love...from your neighbor;)