Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Attempt

I'm attempting to make this post interesting. I understand that some people don't look at blog posts unless they have pictures. So for you people, I'm terribly sorry. Check back in the future.

Remember when I mentioned we were sick in this post? Well, we got it again! {Two or three of us, that is.} Worse than last time, in fact. I do believe we're on the mend though. All that's left is the "you sound like you're dying" cough.

I sit here...stare at the screen...type an entire paragraph...erase it all because it sounds stupid...stare at the screen some more...rack my brain for anything interesting we've done lately...nothing comes to mind...I give up.

Whose idea was it to come up with blogs, anyway?

My attempt failed. Sorry.


Livvy said...

So I'm not the only one with the "you sound like you're dying" cough!!
Yea, I just got over a bad cold, and the coughing always lingers a week or more after I'm "better". Oh well. Winter brings the bad with the good I guess. ;D
Talk to you soon!

Your friend,

P.S We really missed seeing you the other day! On our next visit to C-V we will HAVE to meet up!!

Laura B said...

I feel your pain!!! Both in the sickness and the posting problems. I've come SO close lately to just deleting my blog, but I haven't quite been able bring myself to do it. :)

{Camille} said...

I saw on your blog that you were sick, and I kept meaning to comment and tell you I hope you feel better...but every time I sat down at the computer I forgot! Oh well, I DO hope you're better!
You were in CV?!?! I didn't even know! On the way to Hoenwald the other day I saw Mike with Sam T, but I didn't know y'all were here too.

Oh, don't delete your blog! I enjoy it. It can be discouraging, though. Sometimes I wonder if ANYONE at all even *likes* my blog. I'd be pleasantly surprised if they did.

It made my day to see two comments to moderate, y'all!

Love ya both!

Livvy said...

But Mr. S and your brother stopped by the T.'s house to say hi while we were there!! Us girls were SO disappointed you didn't come!
*Sad sigh* Dear me. How could this happen?

Ah well, we hope to visit within the next month or so, Lord allowing, so we HAVE to get together then!!

Mike has been up a few times without us, much to our envy. ;)
Love you too! Lots of hugs!