Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reformation weekend...

was also Daniel's birthday! Here he is being an awesome piano student

The day started out with a really cool scavenger hunt.
Listening to instructions. This scavenger hunt wasn't easy, folks. WE HAD TO USE OUR BRAINS.
Here we have a picture of my team building "a church that will stand" out of spaghetti and marshmallows. They did a great job. :)
Some of the requirements to get to the next step were just a leetle bit...different? Definitely entertaining, though!
Here is the winning team!
And the rest of us, otherwise known as losers.
Lunch was tons of chili. (And by tons I mean 10+ crockpots full.) It was also a chili contest, and Mrs. H. was one of the winners!
After lunch, the Highland games began!

Moving on to that night, we enjoyed laughing our heads off during the variety show! We started by watching "Farmin". An awesome video made by some of our own people.

Sunday evening we had a community hymn sing. I played violin along with several other friends, so I don't have many pictures of that event. It was wonderful to hear over a hundred voices praising the Lord!

To see more pictures, go here.

And so ends the tale of a very happy weekend, spent with some very special people.

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