Tuesday, June 21, 2011


     In the last several days I've kept thinking, "I should really post something on my blog!" Unfortunately, no pictures for this post. I have been taking pictures, but our laptop is out right now, so I haven't put them on a computer yet.

     Life right now consists of several things; the end of a few things, and the beginning of others. The school year is gradually coming to a close, one subject at a time. I'm done with all time consuming subjects, which leaves me with a lot of time to...

     read! Right now I'm reading a very captivating autobiography on George W. Bush. Doesn't sound very interesting, but I'm learning a lot of things about our nation that I never knew, and it's so neat to read about events like 9/11 from a very different perspective.

     Another thing that I've been able to do a few times has gone swimming. We've had a ton of fun swimming and jumping off of a creek bank into some friend's swimming hole. Why, just yesterday afternoon a friend and I jumped off and waved at each other in mid air, just for the fun of it. T'was very lame, but very fun. I almost drowned because I couldn't catch my breath, caused by laughing so hard. (Only partly joking.)

    We've been praying for rain, and within days we were blessed with several small showers and one huge downpour. Earlier today I went outside to take pictures, and every drop of water on the leaves was gorgeous. Or maybe I'm just weird. Either way, I enjoyed it immensely.

     In the mean time, let's all enjoy the summer by eating chocolate, laughing, and getting incredible sunburns.

     Thanks for reading. Ciao for now!

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