Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Celebrate good times...COME ON!"

 Sometime in June, (I'm already forgetting??) we were super privileged to have one of my aunts and 3 cousins come out and spend the night with us, and the following day have a family gathering, minus 2 of the 20 of us.

Mom and her sister are SO similar in a lot of ways, it's entertaining just to watch. :)
And we're all of the opinion that Uncle B. (left) looks incredibly similar to Daniel (middle).

     So, for July 4th, our little town had some fireworks the night before the 4th, and at the last minute about 10 or 12 youth decided that we should drive into town and see them. When we pulled out, they were going to start in 15 minutes, but it takes 20 minutes to get there. Or something like that.

ANYWAY, turns out that we didn't make it in time to see the fireworks. So, we went to Sonic instead,wore 3-D glasses, made a whole lot of police jokes, talked to strangers out the car window, and just generally had a great time.

Without further ado, here a few pictures that don't really do the night justice, but are fun nonetheless.

A huge thank you goes to my mom, the driver and chauffeur for the night.

And for those wondering, I did get her permission before posting this picture. That's how cool she is - she said I could! :) 
The glasses got passed around...a lot. 

The straw rapper blower. My neck still has a welt on it. :P I gotta learn how to do that.

Over and out for now. Thanks for reading!


Olivia Howard said...

Thanks for posting this, Camille! Good memories. I think you had the best quote of the night:
"Camille, if we stop and talk to the authorities, will you take off those glasses?"
"But they enlarge my eyes!" *bats lashes* :D

I have to point out your slight mis-spelling at the end of the post- should be "straw wrapper" not rapper... but its hilarious because the picture above is the rapper wanna-be. :P


Tricia Ann said...

Hey, Camille!

Those pictures from the 4th are so funny! Great job.

That last one takes the cake. :D