Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 Piano Recital

Last night was our piano recital! This year Mom's students played, as well as one of her student's students! As somebody said, she has grandstudents now. :)

Everyone did a great job! And thanks to Dad for taking most of these pictures.

Before the recital 3 of Caroline's friends came over to do hair.
While Domino sat in the kitchen, contemplating life.
Mom opening the program with a few words.
Caroline and Abigail started the recital with a beautiful duet!
I'm bummed that I don't have pictures of everyone playing. Most of them turned out totally blurry. Dad did get some good shots afterwards, though:

*sigh* Are we the only family that can't get a decent picture together?
But they are kind of funny. this one.
"You look so pretty!"    "It's because my hair is in pigtails."
And, the annual group picture.

We then proceeded to eat cookies and ice-cream, and the camera got left on the shelf for most of it. :o

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Gabby said...

No-o-o! Everybody is growing up without me! Camille, you gotta spank em' since I'm not there :P Goodness, talk about some pretty young ladies!