Friday, June 22, 2012

"Preach the gospel always,

 and if necessary, use words." Man, I love this quote!

Anyways. May and June have been kind of crazy. Preparing for exams, going to a wedding, a trip to Michigan, swimming lessons, etc. Below is a small glimpse into what we've been doing for the last month or so.

May 19th found us going to Memphis once again for a cousin's wedding. Hope and Richard got married on the family's farm, which was absolutely beautiful. Picket fences and old trees kind of beautiful.

We appreciated the fans. A lot.
I really loved all the decorations, and also the quartet. So classy!
"This mortal form needs sustenance."
As always, it was good to talk to Uncle Ray! I'm pretty sure they were talking about cars here. It runs in the family.
They walk with alertness, they walk with purpose. *snort*
On the way to the lovely reception held at the lovely horse barn. You may remember this same place from this post.

Both the bride and groom studied abroad, so they had a travel themed reception, which included Chinese, Mexican, Greek, and of course American food.

Fast forward a week or two, and Caroline, Mom and I made our way up north for another cousin's graduation.
Where they live, people have open house parties after the graduation. Here, Paige, Caro and Mom are preparing for the party by making...
Graduation cap cookies! Aren't they cute?
It's weird and blurry, but I love this one.
He's in there somewhere!
Ok, making faces also runs in the family. Daniel makes this exact same face. "Coincidence? I think not."
Such a good looking family!
Back at the house and a few days later, couches are being moved, cookies are being baked, and decorations are being set up in preparation for John's open house.
We missed Domino. But thankfully Sophie was a comfort, since she and Domino are so much alike.
CAKE! And Caroline.
Apparently something's really funny about taking a mirror picture.
I love electronics. We Facetimed/chatted/Voxered/texted peeps from back home, which was really nice.
Gracie and Dave ran the root beer float bar. And less than 2 weeks later they got ENGAGED!!
A few days later and it was Emma's birthday! In which we girls had a photoshoot.
We're just so coordinated.
I have beautiful friends!

That night, we all got together for a waffle bar birthday bash. I hadn't had waffles in almost 2 years, and they were everything I remembered them to be and more. Yes, I just got passionate about a waffle.

 Below are a few random photo. Taken with my iPod touch, hence the quality...or lack thereof.

Earlier this week I spent almost an entire day cleaning my brother's bedroom. It was a way bigger project than I anticipated, but I'm so happy it's all organized now!

After! Success.
Domino thinks he's a person.
Dad, a friend, her dad, and myself went to a drive-in movie! Not only was it the first drive-in I'd ever been to, but also the first double feature. We saw Mirror, Mirror and The Avengers. (Both of them were awesome.) I am now convinced going to a drive-in theater is something everyone should experience.
39 pictures! I do believe this may be my longest post.

Cheerio, and thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

:-D Thanks for posting dear! Your hat totally *made* the first picture of us three girls. :-D
Looks like May-June was a tone of fun for y'all! I hope June-July is just as much or more! :-)
By the by, I think you look a lot like your mama in that picture of you and Sophie(and sooo pretty. :-).

<3 Em

Olivia Howard said...

Awesome post!! Your captions were spot on and hilarious. :)