Thursday, August 30, 2012


July was a fun month.

On the fourth, we went to our grandparents and hung out all day. I didn't get many pictures, unfortunately. 

Below is a picture of us admiring Uncle Bruce's sweet new car.

Then, we had some great friends come visit us for 10 days! We so enjoyed having them. These next pictures are for you, Delaney dear. :)

Delaney took far more pictures than I did. You can see them (and more of her beautiful work!) at her blog: Photography Beginnings

This picture cracks me up majorly. So much going on. We had just finished seeing "The Amazing Spider-Man."(Which was pretty stinking awesome, everyone. See it as soon as you can.)

I love these girls! They're photogenic and hilarious. And y'all, they love some orange popsicles, let me tell ya!

Thanks for reading!


Darbs said...

These are great! Miss y'all tons!

Why? Because you are precious, and a blessing. ;)


{Camille} said...

*grin* You are both of those as well, Darby. Totally precious and SUCH a blessing. Hahahaha....and now I think I'll go browse Pin-TER-esttt.