Monday, October 29, 2012

Reformation day(s) 2012

This year was fantastic - from the food to the people to the activities to the weather and everything in between.

Friday night was skit/talent night complete with lots and lots of pizza.

Cutest shoes ever? Yes.

Which belong to the cutest boy ever.
Upstairs people were rehearsing for their performances.
These girls had a skit entitled "Clapping."

It was very cool.
Then the children's choir rehearsed.

I love watching them sing!
The night was full of hilariousness and talent. Great job, everyone!

Gramps sang a few songs.
These guys were awesome!
"It is deceased!!"

The next day was also full of good food and fellowship.

How many people does it take to replace the paper towels in the bathroom?
The weather was perfect to be outside!  

Mr. Post divided everyone into 4 teams.

So, every team had a mascot. (Ours was the snowman) The rule was that if the mascot touched the ground, your team lost 50 points.

There was a lot of mascot holding, needless to say.

Balloons were in abundance, too.

Elisha, being awesome as usual.

Mr. Post did a great job of organizing and directing everything & everyone!

Bowling. This was pretty fun.
Lovely Jenna!
There were lots of cute kids.

One of the activities was a skillet throwing contest for the ladies.

Seeing mother throw a frying pan was possible the highlight of the weekend for me. Still laughing.
Mascot holding continues.
These are our "thinking" poses.

I would like to thank the one and only Caroline for taking most of these pictures! I had lots of fun going through them and hope you did as well!

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Anonymous said...

Y'all have so many cute little kids in your church. :D

Great shots!