Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gracie and Dave's Wedding

     Last weekend my cousin Gracie got married! This was the first grandchild's wedding, and a very memorable and happy event.

     The day before the wedding there was a bridesmaid luncheon. 

OF COURSE we brought Domino.

Gracie (right) with two of her bridesmaids, Caitlin and Emily.
A good time was had by all!

Gracie and her cousin Piper
4 generations!

Gracie's cousin, Claire, passing along their grandmother's pearls.
     That night was the rehearsal.

The lovely bride!

Mom doing her famous "tickle bug" trick. :)
Practicing their entrance.

Dad and Chris hung out in the back.
Afterwards we went to the the rehearsal dinner, which was at a restaurant by the lake.
I got fish.

The center pieces were Dave and Gracie's engagement photos!
The day of the wedding, everyone came to the church early to take family pictures.

Gracie looked absolutely stunning.
So did Paige!
Isaac looking especially cute.
The grandparents

These next few are pre-ceremony, in which we sit and wait.

Uncle Bill pulling off a bow-tie like no other.

And now we skip to the reception. I didn't have my camera with me during the ceremony, unfortunately.

The tables were beautiful.

Some of the groomsmen listening to Dave's twin brother give a toast.

Wish I could remember what he was saying here.
Then Paige, the maid of honor, also gave a toast.
It was very funny.
First dance as husband and wife.
Chris decided to wear a decoration on his head. His nickname for the rest of the night was Octavius.

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The wedding looks like it was incredibly awesome!

Nice blog, dear!

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